friday’s secret: again, don’t wait to pursue your interest – what i did

Picture. Mailbox

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to write and receive letters. I would rush to the mailbox every day, looking for mail from my friends.

A few months ago, my friend, Jessica, posted a pic on Facebook of a collection of letters she had stumbled across that I had sent her over 8 years or so. It got me to thinking about the joy of letter writing again – not texting, emailing, etc. but good old-fashioned letter writing. I missed it.

That thought idled in the back of my mind until a Facebook friend posted about the Love Notes Postcard Project: A simple and fun project to spread a little “goodness and joy” throughout the world. I only needed a few things: three postcards, three stamps, and an open heart. I immediately signed up.

I was paired with another participant. Each Sunday, for three weeks, a writing prompt would be sent to my email inbox. I would have to respond to the prompt on a postcard and then drop it in the mail before the next Friday. And then I await a postcard from my matched participant.

This week is our first week. The writing prompt was “Smile Because” and I had so much fun composing my note. Some of it rhymed!!!

If never ceases to amaze me how the little things, like pursuing my letter writing interest, can bring such happiness and enjoyment to my existence!

You can check out The Love Notes Postcard Project and other blogger participants here and catch up with the creator, Jennifer Belhoff here.

enjoy life…

friday’s secret: don’t wait to pursue your interests

“Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.” – Pearl S. Buck

This summer I watched, “Life Itself,” a documentary about the life of Roger Ebert, Pulitzer Prize winning film critic, based upon his memoir of the same name. Mr. Ebert passed away in 2013.

When I was in college, I fell more in love with movies and remember seeing Ebert and Roeper movie reviews in passing. I also remember being vaguely aware that his reviews were printed and able to be read online.

But for some reason, I didn’t read them. I never watched Ebert and Roeper with any consistency. At the most, when a movie came out, I looked to see how many stars the two critics had given it. But I didn’t engage; I didn’t read; I didn’t make it a priority; I didn’t pursue.

After watching the documentary, I became painfully aware that it will be one of those teeny tiny regrets of my life. And why? Was I afraid? And if so, afraid of what? Of wasting my time? I really don’t know what I was doing back then that would have been endangered by half hour a week, reading movie reviews by Roger Ebert, even if I never intended on seeing the movie, EVER! But I would have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight into something of which I had an interest.

Of course, Mr. Ebert is now deceased. I do not have the opportunity to read a column every week as he has written it. I have lost that opportunity. And I will never get it back.

Thus, Friday’s secret is this: in order to enjoy life, we should not wait to pursue our interests. Does a particular subject interest you? Read about it now. Do you like to draw? Get a pad and a pencil. Make time for the things that interest you. You will be a more interesting person to your friends and family and, I dare say, maybe a little bit happier.

enjoy life…

the return

It has taken me far too long to write this post and even longer to publish it! Can you believe my Word document last revised date is May 4th.

I could go into all of the reasons (and there are many and some may even be valid) as to why I disappeared over the past two years. I may over time. But if I am being wholly honest and speaking the absolute truth, the fact of the matter is that I got scared!

I was afraid and I still am!

People I know and people I didn’t know were reading this thing, commenting, and saying how much they enjoyed it! Fortunately, I hadn’t come across anyone who said that it was awful and that would have scared me even more. I began to feel pressure, admitted entirely of my own making, to post something wonderful and witty and funny and insightful all the time.

And in my fear, I didn’t post a thing!

Instead, I read about fear, talked to my friends about fear, and attempted to analyze my fear, and quaking in my boots, I came to some conclusions.

One of my problems was I forgot why I started this blog in the first place: (1) To share my experiences and my thoughts (for what they are worth) on things that make me happy and, I believe, could make you, the reader, happy as well. (2) To make me happy, too!

 This blog did make me happy. Once! And then I became afraid. But, I have decided to write in spite of my fear. And, as it turns out, doing something in spite of fear is essential if you want to…

enjoy life…