About Me

My name is Shannan.

Yes, it is spelled with two a’s.  I asked my mom and she said it was because she didn’t know how to spell it at that time. Go figure.  I use to hate it; now I love it! I’m unique so it seems only fitting that my name should be unique as well.

I write from Huntsville, Alabama, a smallish but really nice city where Hubby and I are raising our new baby boy with the help of our pooch. I’ll let you guess which one is named Bimmer [Beam-er].

I’m a bookman (I love all things books!), a runner (albeit, a slow one), and without a shadow of a doubt, a foodie! I’m introverted but you can get me talking by bringing up living authentically and intentionally, the importance of organization and clarity, and enjoying life; topics which I rant, er, post, about on this blog.